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The New Thunderbolts Team Replaces The Avengers

According to false information, Marvel’s studio is preparing something unexpected for its fans, namely, a project about a team of supervillains saving the world. This will be the film "Thunderbolts" (2020 or 2021) from Marvel, the release date and the actors of which are still unknown, the trailer will have to wait, since the studio has not yet officially confirmed the development of the film.

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Society - Netflix New Series

Caught in an incomprehensible place without adults, young adolescents will either have to create their own society or lose the remnants of humanity. It is such an intriguing plot that awaits the audience when watching the new series from Netflix (Netflix) "Society" with the release date in 2019, whose actors are known, the trailer for the future premiere has already been released, and it will certainly interest you with its tense atmosphere.

20 Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War

The films about military operations are saturated with pain and courage of ordinary citizens of the USSR. These paintings show what heroic deeds people were ready to go to save the family and the country from the invaders. Many of them are ordinary boys who have not yet finished school, for whom honor and courage are not just words.

What showed in the 2 series of the Game of Thrones - analysis

The final season of the final season of the Game of Thrones continues, let's see what were the important events of the 2 episode 8 of the season, which showed how true the fans' expectations were, whether the spoilers were true. And, most importantly, what awaits us next. The second episode of The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms was filmed by director David Nutter, just like the first.

Films about the mafia and gangsters

Gangster films have always been popular. Crazy shootings, a code of honor, intricate intrigues - the main characters of the films can not imagine their life without dangerous adventures and adventures. The plots in these films attract with their sharpness and amazing turn of events. Here is a list of the best films about the mafia and gangsters that will surely appeal to connoisseurs of classics.

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20 best love TV shows

Love, passion, jealousy, devotion and betrayal - in our selection of the best romantic series of all time, the feelings familiar to many of you are closely intertwined. How I Met Your Mother / How I Met Your Mother 2030. An adult and already quite gray-haired, Ted Mosby tells his teenage children the story of getting to know their mother ... But before they know how he met their mother, at least eight seasons will pass.

What should be wedding photos

Every year, thousands of wedding photos from around the world are sent to the Best of the Best Destination Photo Collection photo contest; more than 4000 thousand photographers from 40 countries want to showcase their best photos of couples in love. Among them, there are real masters for whom to show the love of two people is something more than to conduct a regular photo shoot.

Review of the Bonus Series Game of Thrones: The Last Watch

So we waited for the so-called bonus 7 episode 8 of the season of the Game of Thrones called Last Watch (2019), the description of which is presented below (the release date of the documentary is May 27). The director of this episode was Gini Finlay, filmed it for a year. The rating on IMDb is 7.7. But what’s important: after all, such bonus materials are usually removed every year for all seasons, and this applies not only to the “Game of Thrones”.

Box office "Once Upon a Time ... Hollywood" - Latest News

The latest news about the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: box office box office tape in Russia has taken a leading position. At a loud pre-premiere screening in Moscow on August 7 at the Oktyabr cinema center, Russian stars such as Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Alexander Petrov, Natalya Rudova, Regina Todorenko, Ksenia Sobchak and others visited.

15 Disney Movies for Teens

Every year there are more and more paintings aimed at teenagers. Below is a list of films for teens from the Disney movie studio (Disney); films about love and school - bright, dynamic, with charming actors and a happy ending. Descendants 2015 Genre: Musical, Fantasy, Comedy Rating: Movie Search - 6.0, IMDb - 6.4 For the sake of filming, actor Cameron Boyce intentionally lightened his hair.

Kendimen (Candyman)

The release date for the movie Candyman is set for 2020, the actors are unknown, and the trailer is only expected by viewers. The film will be a remake of the original 1992 movie of the same name and tell about the sinister ghost killer. Its world premiere is scheduled for June 12, 2020. The expectation rating (KinoPoisk) is 94%.

A few more frames of the AFTER / AFTER melodrama

In anticipation of the premiere of the film “After”, filmed by the best-selling writer Anna Todd, you can revise the trailer and get acquainted with new shots. And the most devoted fans will still have time to read the novel "After" by Anna Todd in Russian or English. 1 month left before the release - the date of the Russian premiere is April 18, 2019.

Review of the film "Ant-Man and the Wasp" (2018)

Original title: Ant-Man and the Wasp. Release Date: June 25, 2018 / July 5, 2018 in Russia. Genre: Fiction, Action, Adventure. Director: Peyton Reed. Cast: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Peña, Walton Goggins, Bobby Cannavale, Judy Greer, Tee. Duration: 118 minutes / 01:58. Age restriction: 13+.

Billiards with balls-emoji

French media producer Jean-Baptiste Divele created a pool table where you can play the popular emoji online emoticons. These billiard balls were painted by hand, after which a funny photo series was made. Process of creation