New films of Guillermo Del Toro and Christopher Nolan became known

Guillermo del Toro will shoot the action. Christopher Nolan - Romance. The first one has been secretly working on a historical action game with a ninja and samurai for six years, and the Nolan tape planned for 2020 will be a romantic thriller. It is possible that with elements of fiction.

Great directors - great excitement

These two directors are among those whose new work has traditionally caused a stir in the world of cinema. The winner of the Oscar for "Form of Water" Guillermo del Toro master of unforgettable visual images, surrealism and absurd logic. His experience as a make-up artist and his own studio of special effects allow him to create unimaginable monsters, as in the Faun Labyrinth. But only to show that people are worse!

Even in the classic kaiju movie, the main villain unexpectedly turns out to be ... a man ("Pacific Frontier 2"). However, the Mexican director’s tapes cannot be called classics. Del Toro is a master to confuse the plot and make the line between reality and fantasy a shaky one.

If excerpts from Guillermo's films can be enjoyed even by turning off the sound, then Christopher Nolan invites you to a discussion. Some of his films are a free interpretation of complex scientific theories. Nolan created the most plausible black hole in the cinema by studying the work of physicist Kip Thorne (Interstellar). He made an action movie from ... the theory of lucid dreams ("Beginning"). Found a place for game theory in a comic book movie (The Dark Knight trilogy).

What will both work on now? The title of Del Toro's new work is a mystery in itself. What can we expect from a movie called Zanbato? The name of the new Nolan film, which is scheduled to premiere in the summer of 2020, has not been disclosed, but the press says that it will be a romantic thriller in the spirit of "North through the north-west" by Alfred Hitchcock and the director's own film - "The Beginning".

Zanbato is not a ninja movie. But they will be there too!

Guillermo del Toro claims that he has been working on Zanbato for many years and there have not been a single serious leak in the media so far. The authoritative western movie resource Collider called the film the "ninja project." The main character is a young assassin girl.

The plot has not yet been disclosed, but a number of sources report that everything revolves around a young girl (10-15 years old) who has deadly combat skills. Something like the Hit Girl from Kick-ass or the main character of the movie Alita: Battle Angel. Writes Collider.

The plot should be medieval Japan, since Zanbato is the name of a sword from that era. Del Toro hastened to declare on Twitter that this is not a project about a ninja, although he immediately added that there is a ninja! How to solve this riddle? The fact is that zanbato is a special sword called the "horse slayer." It was used by the Japanese infantry against the enemy cavalry to dismount the riders, killing horses under them. Of course, the director asks not to call the "Zanbato" a ninja project, because such a ninja weapon is useless. They did not serve in the infantry, but were scouts and assassins.

Movie about a samurai woman?

But the film could well be a project about samurai. But this word is used only in relation to men? Not certainly in that way. During the era of feudal wars in Japan there were women warriors who had learned to use weapons. They were called Onna Bugeysya. It is possible that our young heroine is just one of those.

Although a ninja girl, kunoichi, would be more beautiful. Such did not have to climb the fortress wall, because they were easily allowed into the castles under the guise of geishas. They could entertain the guests with poetry and masterfully conduct the tea ceremony, but after it, someone must die.

Unlike onna-bugeysya, kunoichi did not have to own weapons. Instead of a blade - a sharpened hairpin. Instead of armor - knowledge of the intricacies of psychology and acting talent ... Or maybe our heroine is not even officially hired for military service, but a certain people's avenger whose family died from a raid by some cavalrymen? So I had to pick up a zanbato ... Guillermo del Toro likes to take on many projects at the same time. About the timing of the release of “Zanbato,” one could joke “from a few years to never,” but it is encouraging that the famous film company “Bad Robot” J.J. Abrams. This they did once the cult series "Lost".

Nolan and romance?

Films of Christopher Nolan do not seem to be particularly sentimental, but, firstly, the new project is called a romantic thriller, not a romantic melodrama. Secondly, journalists described the upcoming film as "North to Northwest" meets "Beginning." The first film is also not a melodrama, but a spy story. It's just that a beautiful girl was involved in a spy game. The complex relationship of Cobb from "The Beginning" and his beloved general atmosphere of action with philosophical overtones also did not interfere.

Drawing inspiration from these two films, the new romantic thriller must definitely remain primarily a thriller! And since we are talking about the "Beginning", then there may well be elements of fiction. The last work of Christopher Nolan was the historical drama "Dunkirk", which claimed the Oscar. Will the new film be comparable in scale to Dankirk or Interstellar?

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