10 movies with incredible love stories

Love is an incredible feeling that has inspired creators for centuries. We have compiled for you a dozen romantic films that tell the most incredible love stories.

Boyfriend from the future

Tim is a young and cheerful guy who will one day find out that men in his family are able to travel in time and change the course of events. Yes, yes, that's right, he can go a month, a year or even five back in order to correct the mistakes of the past and change his fate for the better. Is it just a gift or is it still a punishment? Time will tell ...

Only lovers will survive

Adam and Eve are vampires who have been wives for more than a century. A long time ago, they live separately from each other. Everyone is doing what is interesting to him. Adam is a loser musician who is terribly tired of the mortality of the world. Eve - inspired by the cultures of different nations and constantly travels.

My angel

It just so happened that Louise had a special son. It is completely invisible to other people. That is why a woman has to hide a little angel in the walls of the house. But once he escapes and meets the blind girl Madeleine, with whom they immediately find a common language and eventually inevitably fall in love. Everything turns out so cool, but exactly until Madeline tells her friend that her vision will return to her very soon ...

Space between us

Gardner was the first boy born on Mars. He is the son of the colonizer Sarah, who, unfortunately, died during childbirth. All sixteen years of his life, the boy could observe the Earth only in images, but now he had a chance to go there, find his father, and meet his best friend Tulsa, whom they met through a worldwide network. It just turns out that Gardner cannot be on Earth. His health is deteriorating every hour ...

Parallel Worlds

An incredible incident happened: two planets were attracted to each other and united. On the upper planet were the richest and most influential people who could provide the rest with the most comfortable life. On the bottom are those who are much less fortunate. They depend on their neighbors, and therefore allow them to pump out valuable resources.
The inhabitants of the two planets practically do not communicate with each other. This is prohibited by law. But circumstances are such that he and she meet. They are from different walks of life, literally from different planets, but their love is so strong that lovers are ready to fight for it.

Ghost story

A happy married couple dreams of moving to the city center, exchanging a small house for a spacious apartment in a high-rise building. But just a few days before the move, the husband tragically dies, and his soul, for some reason, does not go into the world of the dead. So he is “attached” to his beloved woman, and to those things that surrounded him during his life ...


David is a lonely man who over the years of his life never managed to find his companion. The problem is that all single people who reach a certain age are sent to a special hotel, where they are given only forty-five days to find a partner. Otherwise, people are turned into animals. David ends up at the hotel and realizes very quickly that he doesn't like anyone. In order not to be punished, he organizes an escape and only then, among other fugitives, finds his beloved.

The beauty and the Beast

Belle is too beautiful not to receive the attention of men, and too smart to accept a marriage that does not bring happiness. Once the girl’s father is held hostage to the cruel Beast. Being very brave, she goes to his aid and offers the castle owner herself a father. He agrees. Who would have thought that this is how the story of true love begins?

Inner beauty

Wu-jin lives every new day in a new body. Falling asleep with a sixteen-year-old Japanese, he can wake up as a twenty-six-year-old American in the ninth month of pregnancy. Living in such a rhythm is very difficult. But one day, U-jin is lucky to meet the love of his life ...

Ruby Sparks

Calvin is a famous writer who is in a creative crisis. Work does not go on, personal life does not work out either. One day, a man decides to describe the perfect girl. Who would have thought that Ruby Sparks would suddenly appear in his house?